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Different Types Of Paving Services

Different Types of Paving Services

When you start looking for paving contractors in Michigan you must be aware that they just do not pave the roads with asphalt, but there are different types of other work that is done by them. If you are aware of those works it will be better for you to get in touch with any particular asphalt company who will complete your project with their expertise.

Discussed here are those services that are normally provided by any asphalt companies in Michigan.

Asphalt Paving

The basic work done by any asphalt company is asphalt paving. Different companies use different grades of materials to complete paving roads or driveways as per the need of their client. As paving is the heart of operation of all these companies they excel in doing that and ensure that their clients are satisfied with their services.

Different types of asphalt are available for roads, commercial purposes and residential purposes and these companies use them according to the need of the project. What is required most is that the company understands the requirement and work according to that.


Another important service provided by the different asphalt companies in Michigan is grading. Before the paving is done it is necessary to understand the soil, the level of soil and if any water drainage issues may appear in future. If these are not done before starting the project then you can find that just after few days of paving there are cracks on the asphalt paving. Hence, grading is an important task that is done by these companies before they overtake the responsibility of asphalt paving.


In asphalt paving the final touch is provided by sealcoating. It is the process where care is taken so that the outer layer of the asphalt does not get prone to the weather wear and tear. After seal coating is done, one can be ensured that the durability of the paving has increased. It helps in maintenance and reduces the overall cost of maintenance of the asphalt paving.

Repairs and maintenance

Asphalt pavements are prone to wear and tear and due to weather conditions or regular usage you may find cracks on them. Pot holes and rutting are also very common. Hence, it is important that regular repair and maintenance task is undertaken so that the longevity of the pavement is increased and it takes time to totally replace the asphalt pavement.

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